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OpenVMS on Personal Workstation (PWS) -a?

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The Question is:

I purchased a Personal Workstation 500a (I saw your article about running
 OpenVMS and UNIX) and I want to run a Hobbist 1 user OpenVMS machine away from
 the University so that I can try things at home that I can't do at the
 University.  The problem is tha
t when I tell the AlphaBIOS to go to the SRM console for OpenVMS, the two hard
 disks that are on the SCSI card disappear and no matter what I've tried so
 far, I can't get SHOW DEV to see any hard disks on the SCSI.  If I run ECU, I
 can get back to AlphaBI
OS and it see's the disks.  If I power cycle back to the SRM console, the disks
 are gone.  I have even gone so far as to remove the SCSI card and the hard
 disks and the SRM concole still tells me that there is a SCSI card installed
 with no hard disks.  Wh
at am I missing?  Is the SHOW DEV dynamic or am I getting info. that has been
 written to the flash ROM?  Basically, I have no interest in running Windows
 NT.  I got this machine to have a testing ground for OpenVMS.  I would love to
 resolve this problem b
efore I destroy this machine (either by accident or by intent from frustration)
  Any clues?  Any suggestions?

The Answer is :

  Please see other existing discussions of this topic here in Ask The
  Wizard -- this particular hardware configuration is not officially
  supported for use with OpenVMS, and may or may not function.
  The Personal Workstation -a series systems were sold for use (only)
  with Microsoft Windows NT.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-DEC-2001 )

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