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Fibre Channel, Shadowing and RAID?

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The Question is:

I have an Alpha Open VMS v7.2-1 system connected to array of disks through
 fiber channel and HSG80 controller, I am also shadowing the disks to other two
 HSG80 and also bind them in a raid. I have this problem with one of them,
 Whenever I try to mount/sha
dow, the shadow copy process starts fine then aborts with an error on the
 master shadow disk,
I use this command:
$ mount/system dsa11 /shadow=($1$dga111:,$1$dga211:,$1$dga311:) rddsk3000000
As soon as it completes the shadowing copy operation, the disks (dga211 and
 dga311) put themselves ONLINE and out of the shadow set with an error in the
 DIA file as follows:
**** V3.3  ********* ENTRY 1712 **************
Logging OS                   1. OpenVMS
System Architecture          2. Alpha
OS version                      V7.2-1
Event sequence number        576.
Timestamp of occurrence  18-DEC-2000 11:55:49
System Model         Compaq AlphaServer ES40
Entry Type           99. Software Parameters
---- Device Profile ----
Unit                       $1$DGA243
Product Name               GENERIC_DK
---- Log Status ----
Command Reference         x80E87400
IOSB                      x009500212BAD0E4A
                                     UNSUPPORTED - unsupported operation or
UCB$x_STS                 x08000010  Online
                                     Unit supports the Extended Function bit
IRP$L_PID                 x00010010  Requestor "PID"
IRP$x_BOFF                        0. Byte Page Offset
IRP$x_BCNT                      512. Transfer Size In Byte(s)
Media Value               x00C953F2
UCB$x_ERRCNT                      0. Errors This Unit
UCB$L_OPCNT                  208264. QIO's This Unit
ORB$L_OWNER               x00010004  Owners UIC
UCB$L_DEVCHAR1            x1C4D4008  Directory Structured
                           File Oriented
                           Error Logging
                           Capable of Input
                           Capable of Output
                           Random Access
Driver Function            x0000010F
**** V3.3  ***********ENTRY 1713 ***********
Logging OS                        1. OpenVMS
System Architecture               2. Alpha
OS version                           V7.2-1
Event sequence number           577.
System Model                       Compaq AlphaServer ES40
Entry Type                 100. Logged Message
---- Device Profile ----
Unit                        $256$DPA12
Product Name                RAID 0 - Host Based
---- MSCP Logged Msg ----
Logged Message Type Code   22. RAID Message
RAID Event Type             6. Generation Bump
Distinguished Member              0.
Member Index                      0.
RAID Urgency                      0. No Removal Request
RAID Status     x00184259  Bit 00 - Reduced
                           Bit 03 - Striped
                           Bit 04 - Quiesce
                           Bit 06 - MM Active
                           Bit 09 - MM State
                           Bit 14 - MM Gen Bump
                           Bit 19 - FE Dis FE
                           Bit 20 - BC Buff Copy Off
RAIDset Name                  RDDSK12
Count of valid bytes:       50.
          15--<-12  11--<-08  07--<-04  03--<-00   :Byte Order
 0000:    0032314B  53444452  00184259  00000006   *....YB..RDDSK12.*
 0010:    00000000  00000000  00000000  00000000   *................*
 0020:    00000000  00000000  00000000  00000000   *................*
 0030:    00000000  00000000  00000000  00000000   *................*
Any ideas??

The Answer is :

  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center.
  Details on the ECO level of the system, the HSG firmware, the particular
  disks involved, and (if this disk is used as a system disk somewhere)
  the setting of the system parameter SHADOW_SYS_DISK will be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-DEC-2000 )

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