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DECwindows CDE LocalHost setting?

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The Question is:

My hostname doesn't appear on the greeting message on the login banner for the
 CDE and XWindows, I assume that %localhost% is not set or something, Where can
 I set the variable %localhost% so the login screen reads "Welcome to "my host
 name" ?

The Answer is :

  %LocalHost% is available on OpenVMS, uses the DECnet host name (eg:
  the translation of SYS$NODE_FULLNAME and SYS$NODE), and can be used
  in the XRESOURCES.DAT file entry:
  (%DisplayName% is also available on OpenVMS.)
  The personalized welcome message is also available via:
   Dtlogin*greeting*persLabelString: Hello %s
  Make sure your character case is correct, and that the XRESOURCES.DAT
  file is world read-accessable.  (To modify XRESOURCES.DAT, copy over
  CDE$USER_COMMON:[CONFIG.C], modify it, and -- depending on what you
  change in XRESOURCES.DAT -- restart the server.)

answer written or last revised on ( 18-DEC-2000 )

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