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Creating omnibus zip archive, BACKUP saveset?

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The Question is:

I have set up a null printer and a logical to capture some print image files.
Instead of the files going to a LAT printer they go to the directory.  I need
 to create a batch of these individual files that I can ftp.  Question:  what
 command would I use to group all of these like files into one batch?

The Answer is :

  If you have created a null print symbiont, you can clearly implement most
  any consolidation and network transfer protocol you desire, including
  modifying the symbiont to performs the file transfer for you, possibly
  after calling the BACKUP API to create a saveset, etc.
  Depending on your specific application, FTP put, FTP mput, zip, backup,
  a zip of a backup saveset, wildcard copy/ftp, etc., could all be used
  for the file transfer and/or file consolidation operations.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-DEC-2000 )

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