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Symbiont invalid data (INVSMBMSG) error?

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The Question is:

When printing to a remote node via a MICOM I get the following error message:
"Invalid data 0 in message from symbiont..."
What causes this and is there an easy fix?

The Answer is :

  Making several assumptions, the message is QMAN-I-INVSMBMSG, and is
  appearing via OPCOM.  Details of the failure and of the particular
  print symbiont involved should be routed to the organization that is
  supporting it -- check for and apply relevent (and mandatory) ECO
  kits, too.
 INVSMBMSG,  invalid data in message from symbiont on queue
             'queue-name' is being ignored
  Facility:     QMAN, Queue Manager
  Explanation:  A minor breach of symbiont or queue manager protocol occurred.
                The queue manager explicitly made adjustments to compensate
                for the breach. The symbiont will continue to process work.
                This message is intended to alert symbiont writers to problems
                in symbiont code. In most cases, users other than symbiont
                writers need not be concerned when this message appears.
  User Action:  General users should report the occurrence of this message to
                the symbiont developer, or ask the system manager to do so.
                Symbiont developers should review the symbiont code and the
                Print Symbiont Modification (PSM) and Symbiont/Job Controller
                Interface (SMB) routines in the OpenVMS Utility Routines
                Manual to determine what activity is causing this message.
                Ensure that no improper state changes are being requested,
                such as stalling a starting queue or pausing a stopping queue.
                Check that all required messages are being provided and that
                no unnecessary messages are being issued.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-DEC-2000 )

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