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OpenVMS and Intranet, Extranet, Internet?

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The Question is:

I am new to working with the OpenVMS operating
system and I cannot find a direct answer to my
question.  Is it possible to connect my Alph
Server running OpenVMS to my existing NT LAN and
in essence creat an intranet?  Thank You for you
time and patience.

The Answer is :

  Short answer: Yes.
  Here are the definitions that the OpenVMS Wizard is using for the terms
  included here.
  Internet: a network used to connect private networks together.  Runs IP.
  Intranet: a private network, often running IP.  Various private networks
            can be using other network protocols, such as DECnet, or can
	    be using combinations of protocols or protocol extensions.
  Extranet: a somewhat restricted network, used to customize access or to
            otherwise restrict access to certain external content.
  IP:       the Internet Protocol, used as the protocol for the Internet
            network.  Two versions exist: IPv4, the older and more limited
            implementation common on most platforms, and IPv6, the current
	    and more advanced implementation.  IPv4 and -- increasing over
	    time -- IPv6 are in common use as the underlying protocol for
	    many private networks.
  OpenVMS with the TCP/IP Services package or with one of the an available
  third-party IP stacks provides access to lpr/lpd printing, telnet terminal
  services, DHCP, r-commands, NFS file services, and a wide variety of other
  IP-compliant applications and protocols.
  Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 use a suite of protocols
  and applications, various of which are compliant with or are extensions
  to IP standards.  Various Windows NT environments use Primary and Backup
  Domain Controllers (PDC, BDC), Kerberos authentication (Windows 2000),
  and SMB disk and printer services.  The OpenVMS Advanced Server package
  permits an OpenVMS system to serve access to its disks and printers, and
  to participate in various domain authentications.  OpenVMS can use the
  Microsoft authentication, either as a client or as a PDC/BDC server.
  (Support for the Kerberos authentication used on Windows 2000 and on
  various UNIX platforms -- and both client and server -- is expected to
  be part of OpenVMS V7.3, the release that is presently in field test.)
  Current versions of OpenVMS TCP/IP Services provide IPv4 support, and an
  existing early adopter's kit and the current field test of TCP/IP Services
  V5.1 both offer access to IPv4 and to IPv6 protocols and applications --
  the implementation is dual-stack, meaning that both IPv4 and IPv6 can and
  do operate in entirely in parallel.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-JAN-2001 )

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