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Fibre Channel Initial System Load? (ISL)

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The Question is:

Does OpemVMS support booting a standalone backup to a disk located behind HSG80
 controllers? A disk in the SAN.
If so what is the minumum version of OVMS?
What is the minumum version of ACS on the HSG80's?
What other details do I need to know?
Is there a minumum version of switch firmware?
is there a minumum version of KGPSA firmware?
What servers are supported/or not supported
whichever is easier.
Do you have any documentation that you can email or point me to that outline
 the procedure?
Thank you

The Answer is :

  OpenVMS Alpha does not support the use of Standalone BACKUP,
  having had all such support removed starting with V6.1.  The
  replacement is the bootable environment included on the CD-ROM
  media, or by local media that can be created by the procedure:
  This procedure creates a bootable version of OpenVMS Alpha on
  the specified target device.
  OpenVMS Alpha can and will bootstrap from disk media.
  OpenVMS Alpha has not, can not, and does not support tape
  bootstraps.  The old Standalone BACKUP environment used on
  OpenVMS Alpha versions prior to V6.1 has not been tested,
  maintained, or otherwise updated since its replacement.
  All OpenVMS Alpha systems are expected to have local or served
  access to a CD-ROM device for the initial system load.  (The
  OpenVMS Wizard is not aware of a configuration with a CD-ROM
  device connected via the HSG-series Fibre Channel controller.)
  The OpenVMS Wizard would recommend V7.2-1 or V7.2-1H1 or (when
  available) later releases for Fibre Channel configurations, as
  well as the installation of the available and relevent ECO kits.
  Information on the current Fibre Channel configuration support
  and the associated documentation is available at the Compaq
  OpenVMS website -- please see the OpenVMS FAQ for pointers.
  (This information is regularly updated, as new Fibre Channel
  configurations and associated support information is added.)

answer written or last revised on ( 3-JAN-2001 )

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