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Disk File Structure Corruption?

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The Question is:

When I do a
dir dkb400:[000000]
I get no files listed, however I can still do a
dir dkb400:[oracle]
and get a full file listing. The 000000.dir and other system files appear to
 have gone.
How can I fix the file system. I have tried analize/disk/repair but that did
 not help

The Answer is :

  First, please see if "DKB400" is a logical name, and see if the
  following displays the expected collection files from the volume:
    $ DIRECTORY _DKB400:[000000]
  The leading underscore in the device specification is important.
  If this fails, perform an immediate full BACKUP/IMAGE/VERIFY of
  this disk.
  You will then want to reinitialize this disk and perform a selective
  file restoration, or (if you have a spare disk) initialize it and
  transfer over the accessable files and directories.
  You will want to check for hardware errors, and with the device
  vendor or your hardware support organization.  You will also want
  to apply the available OpenVMS ECO kits.
  Given the use of ANALYZE/DISK/REPAIR, the OpenVMS Wizard will
  assume that this disk is not a CD-ROM volume.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-JAN-2001 )

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