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POOLEXPF, pool expansion failure

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The Question is:

My vax is halting on boot up whilst trying to run the system startup procedure.
 The memory tests OK when the machine is started although before it tries to
 run the system start up procedure it does come up with a 'System W-POOLEXPF,
 Pool expansion failure
".  I have also looked at the devices and all of these seem to be OK.  Can you
 suggest what it could be and what I can do to resolve it.

The Answer is :

  The system has likely exhausted the available non-paged pool.
  Boot the system minimally (STARTUP_P1 set to MIN), remove all unnecessary
  parameter settings from the SYS$SYSTEM:MODPARAMS.DAT file, and AUTOGEN this
  You will want to use the FEEDBACK with AUTOGEN, and you will want to save
  FEEDBACK during system shutdown.  You may want to set a MIN_NPAGEDYN parameter
  value in MODPARAMS.DAT, though the feedback data should trigger AUTOGEN to
  request an increase in the size of the non-paged pool.
  Unless your system parameters are badly out of adjustment (and potentially
  even in that case), your OpenVMS VAX system will likely benefit from the
  addition of physical memory.
  Your OpenVMS VAX version is in need of an upgrade.
 POOLEXPF,  pool expansion failure
  Facility:     SYSTEM, System Services
  Explanation:  This message signals one of the following conditions:
                o There are not enough free physical pages to expand nonpaged
                o Another physical page cannot be allocated because doing so
                  would reduce the number of fluid pages to below the minimum
                  required to accommodate the current maximum working set
  User Action:  Try increasing the value of the SYSGEN parameter NPAGEDYN to
                reduce the need for pool expansion. If the problem recurs,
                consider adjusting the system parameter WSMAX or getting more
                memory for the system.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-JAN-2001 )

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