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PATHWORKS Messages to Administrator?

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The Question is:

On a specific PC we get frequently a message box containing the following
Message from BHFS05 to ADMINISTRATOR on <data> NET3004: There where 5
 access-denied errors in the last 1 minute.
Please revies the server's audit trail.
When looking into the trail on the BHFS05 OpenVMSD 7.2-1 Pathworks 6.0C BDC
 server system, i get the following error.
$ admin show events
%PWRK-E-EVTERRDETAIL, error opening event log message file at server \\BHFS05
-LM-E-NERR_INTERNALER, an internal error has occurred
We tried solve this problem with clearing the event logs. It did not work.
Then Stoopping the PW server and remove the eventlogs and start again. It did
 not work.
Then we increased the event logs by putting the following additional lines into
 the lanman.ini file.
  maxerrlog = 104857760
  maxauditlog = 104857760
  maxauditlog = 104857760
Stopped the pwserver, removed the eventlogs and started again. It did not work
Help !!!!

The Answer is :

  In regard to the Access Denial messages: Please contact the Compaq
  Customer Support Center, as a patch is available to address some of
  the potential causes of this message.
  In regard to the event logs: Please contact the Compaq Customer
  Support Center, as some amount research into the local configuration
  and the specific situation will likely be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-FEB-2001 )

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