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Network Bridging, LAT and Telnet Printing?

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The Question is:

We're attempting to access remote printers and terminalserver ports from a
 local Alpha on a LAN via a router using LAT. To make this work we need to
 enable transpararent bridging in the router. Whenever we do that, general
 network access from the Alpha be
comes sluggish. F.ex. file copy and remote access to other Alpha's on the same
 LAN slows down.
As an alternative we've tried using Telnet instead of LAT. But with telnet the
 linefeed to the printers does not work. All the lines of a document are
 printed on the same line.
Any help is much appreciated.

The Answer is :

  1: This would appear to be a network routing or configuration problem
     with the network, and would be best directed to the organization
     that is supporting your network infrastructure.  The symptoms as
     described would tend to imply that network traffic is unnecessarily
     traversing the bridged link, that routed protocols are traversing the
     link and the remote routers are selected, that the introduction of
     the bridging has triggered errors and retransmissions or other problems
     on the local LAN segment, that the bandwidth of the bridged link is
     too low, that the bridging is adversely affecting the local routing
     (assuming the bridge/brouter/switch is common) or other similar problem.
     Depending on the particular brouter/bridge/switch involved, you may be
     able to enable bridging of solely the LAT protocol.
     Again, this does not initially appear to be an OpenVMS problem, and
     would best be routed to the organization that is supporting your local
     (and bridged) network.
  2: Of Telnet printing and linefeeds, please see topics (5276), (4811),
     and (1020).

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JAN-2001 )

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