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Advanced Server device type mismatch?

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The Question is:

With Advanced server created a share named DISK3 (everyone access), tried to
 connect to it from Win98 or Win95, keep getting message on pc:
"the local device type and the network resource
type are not the same".
What to do?
kind regards,
Rene van Klingeren.

The Answer is :

    That error is almost always associated with lack of license for the
    client to connect to the Advanced Server.  All connections to the
    Advnaced Server must be licensed.  A quick way to analyze the problem
    is via the command ADMIN/ANAL and look for an error message similar to
    "No server license for client - access denied."
    The Wizard recommends that you configure the Advnaced Server to use
    server based licensing to help trouble shoot this problem.  Once you
    have the clients working as expected, then, if necessary, you can
    deploy more complex licensing schemes such as client based licensing.
    For more information on Advanced Server licensing, see the "Advanced
    Server for OpenVMS/Guide to Managing Advanced Server Licenses" which is
    available at:

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JAN-2001 )

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