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Interpreting Cluster Hardware Errors?

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The Question is:

I want to know some details regarding the errors reported in the cluster
 enviroment of three systems. Two of them are 6200 series and one of them is
 7000 series machines.
Following are the errors:
1. BI_sussystem  _jupitr$paa0
   Data cable(s) state change
   path#0 went from good to bad
In this error what is meant by "state change"? What exactly would have happened
 in the CI path?
2. BI_Sub system _venus$paa0
   Software is closing virtual circuit.
In the above error what the term "software" means?
3. BI_sub system _venus$paa0
   Port has closed virtual circuit
I all the above three errors after these lines, it is giving the local and
 remote station addresses. Why they have been given and what do they mean?
Would be very happy .. if the above questions are answered at the earliest and
 informed me through email.
With Regards ...

The Answer is :

  The "software" refered to is OpenVMS, and OpenVMS Cluster software
  has detected one or more problems with the underlying hardware.
  Please contact your hardware support organization, as it appears that
  you have cluster hardware controller and/or cluster cabling problems.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-FEB-2001 )

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