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Cluster Quorum Avoids Corruptions?

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The Question is:

I heard that the VMS cluster connection manager uses the concept of votes and
 quorum to prevent disk and memory data corruptions.
Can it be explained what is meant by data and memory corruptions and how it is
 prevented by the concept of quorum. It will be good if this is explained with
 an example which will help to understand the unique feature of vms exactly and
It is agreed that this concept will prevent cluster partitioning. It will
 prevent data integrity, it is little bit hard to understand.
I hope my question is understandable and will be given convincing answer.
With Regards ...

The Answer is :

  The particular corruption here is attributed to the obvious potential
  for uncoordinated write access to shared storage resources -- should
  a cluster become partitioned (without the quorum scheme, or due to an
  incorrectly configured cluster), multiple nodes can write to the same
  to the same blocks for differing purposes.  This causes corruptions.
  Please see the OpenVMS Cluster documentation included in the OpenVMS
  manual set, and the OpenVMS FAQ for additional details on the OpenVMS
  Cluster configuration, setup, and quorum scheme.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-JAN-2001 )

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