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Acquiring DECwindows DECW$DISPLAY (WSA) Info?

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The Question is:

DCL Programming & DECwindows parameters:
I need a way of determining the transport method for a DECwindows session.  My
 current method is convoluted:
1. determine current sys$output value
2. redirect sys$output to NULL
4. restore sys$output value
5. look at symbol DECW$DISPLAY_TRANSPORT
Q: Is there a more elegant way, perhaps using F$GETDVI?  If so, what parameters
 give this value (I've tried everything I can think of)?
-with thanks

The Answer is :

  Direct access to this display information is generally discouraged.
  There is no supported mechanism available for retrieving the DECwindows
  DECW$DISPLAY display (transport) setting.
  You can continue to use the undocumented DCL command SHOW DISPLAY/SYMBOL,
  or you can use the equally undocumented sys$qio IO$M_WS_DISPLAY itemcode
  as described in the information referenced section DECW3 of the FAQ.
  If this is not a question of the device display but one of DCL I/O
  redirection and a wish to remove the redirection after the SHOW DISPLAY
  command, you can use DEFINE/USER or PIPE.   Please see the attached
  example for the former case, and please see the FAQ section DCL10 for
  the latter.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JAN-2001 )

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