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assign channel system service request failed (CH

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The Question is:

Any idea which quota we may be exceeding when the following type error is
 returned?  It is readily reproducible.  The threshold at which this error
 appears is around 250 messages.  This is executed from the SYSTEM account.  I
 have already tried increasing
 the FILLM and PGFLQUOTA parameters.  The current value of the SYSGEN parameter
 CHANNELCNT is 256.  Seems a little low but I don't want to change it unless I
 am confident that is the problem.
Thanks in advance,
MAIL> del 1-402
MAIL> exit
 MAIL-I-RECLPLSWAIT, reclaiming deleted file space.  Please wait...
 %LIB-E-ACTIMAGE, error activating image
 -RMS-F-CHN, assign channel system service request failed
 -NONAME-W-NOMSG, Message number 00000000

The Answer is :

  The CHN error usually arises when the process cannot acquire the
  necessary channels -- either due to a quota, a programming problem,
  or due to insufficient CHANNELCNT.
  Locally, the system parameter CHANNELCNT is usually set to values well
  above the default, with values of four thousand or more being common.
  The OpenVMS Wizard expects that the only way that it could be proved
  that CHANNELCNT is the limiting factor to try changing it.
  The observed threshold of 250 messages is likely to match the average
  amount of messages needed to trigger the 32KB auto-reclaim threshold.
  There might be a with reclaim, and this would be easier to study using
  an explicit purge/reclaim or compress command.
  Consider tracing the full file system activity by issuing the (unsupported,
  undocumented) command SET WATCH FILE/CLASS=MAJOR before entering mail.
  CMEXEC or CMKRNL privilege is required.  You can disable the output via
  SET WATCH FILE/CLASS=NONE.  If too much data is displayed, you can choose
  a class such as CLASS=MAJOR.
     Deletes all the messages in the WASTEBASKET folder. When you
     EXIT from Mail or enter a SET FILE command (to select a new mail
     file), an implicit PURGE is done to empty the WASTEBASKET folder,
     unless you have entered the SET NOAUTO_PURGE command. The PURGE
     command overrides the SET AUTO_PURGE command.
     Purged message space is not available for reuse by OpenVMS Record
     Management Services (OpenVMS RMS) until you enter the PURGE
     /RECLAIM command. An automatic PURGE/RECLAIM is done when the
     amount of deleted space in a mail file exceeds 32,767 bytes.
     (Mail uses the Convert/Reclaim utility to reclaim space.)

answer written or last revised on ( 6-FEB-2001 )

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