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Mixed-Language Programming, MMS, LINK/OPTION?

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The Question is:

I can't find any documentation that shows how to link a COBOL program with a C
 module using MMS.  It works fine otherwise.
Here's what I'm doing now, not in MMS -
Then I add a $SHOW TIME command because it seems to wait for the next command.
Can you provide any information?
Jane Lindhorn

The Answer is :

  Please specify an options file, rather than attempting SYS$INPUT:.
  Documentation on mixed language programming is included in the OpenVMS
  Calling Standard documentation.  You will also need to address any
  language-specific compilation (eg: For Compaq C, also please see the
  FAQ) and linking required, this for individual components and for
  the aggregate image.  C, for instance, can require its Run-Time Library
  (RTL) be initialized via a VAXC$CRTL_INIT call when the main routine
  for the image is not written in C.
  If the OpenVMS Wizard has guessed correctly on the version of the C
  compiler in use here, the version V3.2 of the VAX C compiler in use
  has turned ten years old circa January 2001.  You might consider an
  upgrade to a more recent compiler version.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JAN-2001 )

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