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Printing overhead, configuration, requirements?

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The Question is:

How do I measure the impact of print queues on overall performance of an
 OpenVMS cluster? How do I identify bottlenecks? Will moving the print queues
 to a separate OpenVMS machine print server significantly reduce the load on
 the cluster nodes? How do I d
etermine the memory/disk/input-output/cpu requirements of the proposed print
 server if it has to handle 200 print queues (distributed over two campuses
 eight miles apart), 90% of which will be very lightly used? Are there any
 special interfacing requireme
nts for getting OpenVMS print queues (both ascii and postscript) to work with
 Xerox Document Centre copier/printers?

The Answer is :

  If printing and print queues are a performance-critical factor, your
  systems are marginally capable -- at best -- of handling your current
  application environment.  (The OpenVMS Wizard is aware of sites with
  thousands of print queues.)
  Please see the OpenVMS guide to performance management for details on
  a systematic approach toward locating and resolving performance-limiting
  The usual mechanism used for printing to Postscript printers involves the
  use of the DCPS package.  Beyond configuring any necessary transport
  software (eg: telnet, LAT, serial), no additional software is required
  for ASCII (or ISO Latin-1) printers.  As for what requirements exist for
  a particular printer, that is something the OpenVMS Wizard would have to
  determine from the particular printer documentation available.
  For general IP printing information, please see topic 1020.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-JAN-2001 )

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