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KZQSA device configuration? (take II)

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The Question is:

Answer, actually., but there's no obvious form for that.
ATW doc 2545 describes the jumpers on a KZQSA.  It claims, "The normal actory
 CSR address is 761400", but the jumpers in the table appear to specify 761300.
  Also, a casual mention of out = 0, in = 1 (or whatever) would be  helpful.
 The manual also says,
 "CAUTION: Jumper W8 is reserved for Digital use; do not install."  Whether
 that's because it's really address bit  16 or for some other reason, I can't

The Answer is :

  There is unfortunately no particular consistency to the labeling of
  Q-bus switchpacks and jumpers.
  The default CSR address is (should be) 761300, the jumper description
  was correct as shown, while the numeric CSR translation has been
  For the KZQSA and related discussions of the Q-bus, topics (1149),
  (1866), (2545), (2648), and others will be of interest.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-JUN-2001 )

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