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Password Management?

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The Question is:

Can a user without SYSPRV change his own password or only System Manager or
 somebody with SYSPRV can do it by running the
Authorize utility ?

The Answer is :

  By default, the SET PASSWORD command can be successfully utilized
  by any user that possesses the current password to the current
  The system manager can configure particular usernames to prevent
  the user(s) from changing the password of the current username.
  Users with SYSPRV privilege, with any other "all" privilege, or
  with a system UIC can change any password of any user.
  The operation and options of the OpenVMS password mechanism and
  of OpenVMS privileges and security are fully described in the Guide
  to System Security in the OpenVMS documentation set.  (A pointer to
  the on-line documentation is included in the OpenVMS FAQ.)
  Password- and authentication-related topics include (4612), (1461),
  (1475), (1645), (2938), (3233), (3883), and (5508).  Among others.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-JAN-2001 )

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