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The Question is:

I get this error message everytime i run image backup on Alpha box, then my
 backup process stoped.
-RMS-E-EXT, ACP file extend failed
-SYSTEM-F-EXQUOTA, process quota exceeded
%BACKUP-F-POSITERR, error positioning MKC300:[000000]DKB0.20-JAN;
-SYSTEM-F-OPINCOMPL, operation is incomplete
 Please instruct me how to stop this problem.

The Answer is :

  As the message indicates, you must increase your process quotas.
  Start with the process quotas specified for BACKUP operations for the
  system operator username -- these process quota recommendations are
  listed in the system management manual.  Depending on the environment,
  you may need to increase the value of PGFLQUOTA above the documented

answer written or last revised on ( 25-JAN-2001 )

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