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DEClaser 3500 printer via DCPS and IP?

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The Question is:

We're trying to connect a DecLaser 3500 printer with a Dec-supplied NIC.  Due
 to VLAN splitting within our network, we need to connect from the VMS system
 to the printer using IP protocol.  (we need to avoid sending LAT protocol
 everywhere).  Also, if pos
sible, we would like to use DCPS.  (V1.7 installed)  I can 'ping' the printer
 over our network, and it is responding to a telnet to port 10001.  However if
 I try to start a queue pointing to this printer using DCPS, at best the queue
 starts & goes 'busy'
with the top job just 'Starting' & the printer remaing 'idle'.  I've tried
 IP_CPAP & IP_RAWTCP to the printer with no success.  Could you please give me
 any other ideas where to go from here?

The Answer is :

  The DEClaser 3500 printer has a unidirectional IP stack, not the
  bidirectional stack that is required by DCPS.  For this reason,
  printing with DCPS via raw TCP is not supported with this printer.
  As an alternative, an LPR/LPD or Telnet print queue will work.
  IP_CPAP is for use only by (with) PrintServer printers.
  LAT and AppleTalk are the only two protocols that you can use with
  DCPS with the DEClaser 3500 printer.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-FEB-2001 )

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