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Use of terminal server as network repeater?

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The Question is:

i have been trying (in vain) to use a DECServer 90TL(mounted on a Dec Hub 90
 ethernet backplane) to allow a win98 pc to connect to both our OpenVMS Alpha
 server and windowsNT server using TCP/IP.  we use repeaters for this purpose,
 but i am out of repeate
r ports, and was wondering if the decserver offered an alternative.  we use the
 repeater and hub to allow us to access both the windows NT network for
 email/file-sharing, and then we use TELNET to access the OpenVMS machine.  i'd
 like to use the decserver
 in the same way if possible.  thanks in advance......chad

The Answer is :

  OpenVMS handles TCP/IP traffic quite nicely -- an attempt to use
  a terminal server as a network adapter either in this or in most
  other network configurations would seem quite unusual, and would
  tend to lead to a communications configuration that would often
  be viewed as inadequate at best.
  Some terminal servers do permit PPP via a serial line, but this
  approach will be excrutiatingly slow in comparision to the typical
  Ethernet LAN speeds.
  Extensive use of repeaters would tend to imply an Ethernet network
  configuration that might be in need of a review.

answer written or last revised on ( 31-JAN-2001 )

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