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Auditing file creation?

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The Question is:

Which is the structure of de INDEXF.SYS?
I'm developing an application to report file creation on my OpenVMS
 environment, but it's too slow with directory command using /SINCE or /BEFORE.
 I think if I can access directly to the INDEXF.SYS, with only one read pass I
 can obtain thath information.
Is that possible?

The Answer is :

    Consider using the AUDITING subsystem to get a handle on file creations.
    Find a copy of the book "VMS File Systems Internals"
    (Kirby McCoy, 1990, EY-F575E-DP) and read over section 2.5
    on the layout of INDEXF.SYS.
    Or, consider using the Freeware tool DFU which already has
    the INDEXF.SYS knowledge build in.

answer written or last revised on ( 1-FEB-2001 )

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