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DECterm logins; non-privileged users?

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The Question is:

I am setting up an operator account on a Vaxstation 4000, with VMS 6.2. This is
 an upgrade from a microvax with VMS 5.2. I have the following questions:
1. On the old system, we had a menu called from the login.com file. This would
 allow the test technicians to do tasks (i.e. run a test program, or load a
 program from tape.) Under Decwindows this locks up the session. The login.com
 file gets executed befo
re the Decterm window is open. I renamed the login.com and the menu works if
 the renamed file is executed after opening the Decterm window. Is there any
 way to get this account to execute the menu automatically upon loggin in?
2. This same account also needs to mount the tape drive to load a test program
 from tape. Is there any way to allow this account to mount and dismount the
 tape, and only the tape, without grant system privileges to the account?

The Answer is :

  1: Details of the DCL involved would be interesting.
     Does, for instance, the DCL involved use the INQUIRE or READ command?
     If so, ensure that the process environment is itself capable of
     routing the question along to the user and not, um, providing an
     unexpected answer from a non-interactive environment.  You should not
     try to INQUIRE or READ in an environment that does not permit it.
     In particular, you will want to become familiar with the sequence
     of the execution of DCL login procedures when DECwindows is in use,
     procedures such as SYLOGIN.COM, LOGIN.COM, DECW$SYLOGIN.COM, and
     DECW$LOGIN.COM.  (You may find these procedures being invoked more
     often than you might expect, and in environments you might not...)
     Also ensure that the process mode (accessable via f$mode) and that
     the device name (f$getdvi item TT_PHYDEVNAM) are as expected.  Please
     see SYS$STARTUP:SYLOGIN.TEMPLATE (on OpenVMS V7.2-1 and later) for
     examples of working with f$mode and f$getdvi with TT_PHYDEVNAM.
  2: Mounting a tape privately requires minimal OpenVMS user privileges,
     and privileges that most users will possess.  Alternatively, you
     can use identifiers and ACLs on the target device, DECnet-based
     task-to-task communications, CAPTIVE logins, and various other
     solutions to restrict access to the enhanced privileges.  Various
     of these have been discussed here in Ask The Wizard in the past.
     Potentially related topics include (1734), (2216), (2464),
     (2774), (3591), (4854), (4923), etc.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-FEB-2001 )

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