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New DECnet-Plus address, old Phase IV?

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The Question is:

i'm setting up a DR alpha and i'm working my way through changing the node
 name, address and ip information.  having thought i had completed it all
 (thanks to information on this site) i find that when i look in NCP the
 executor shows the new node name, b
ut the old address.  the scs information is set correct, i've been through
 net$configure, and have now been scratch my head for some time as the decnet
 phaseIV address is still the old one.  Note that i do have network services
 working, but this is one of
 those anoying things that i need to find.  note that setting and defining the
 executor in NCp doesn't seam to work either.  please help me so i can sleep.

The Answer is :

  Use of NET$CONFIGURE is one common approach here.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-MAR-2001 )

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