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Seeking OpenVMS license information?

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The Question is:

I've "inherited" an Alpha 2100 running unix and an Alphastation 500 running NT
 and need to convert them to run OpenVMS.  I've tried installing spare no_share
 Alpha-VMSuser licenses (500 units) and even got a VMS-Base availability type A
 60 unit license (f
rom a former VAX) to load on the 500 with no complaints (it needs a 12 unit
 type A traditional license according to SHOW LICENSE/CHARGE) but the VMS 7.1
 system I've installed still tells me VMS use is unauthorized.
   I remember trading in a few VAX 8000 or 6000 licenses when I got my first
 Alpha systems but I can't even find product license price listings for the
 older Alpha models; can I still get software licenses for them?  Or should I
 add the few dozen Alpha Li
cense PAKs I have to the couple hundred VAX License PAKs I have and wallpaper
 my lab manager's office?

The Answer is :

      Please get correct the correct and authorized set of licenses for the
      AlphaServer series system.  Please contact your reseller, or
      please contact sales, for assistance and for pricing.
      General software licensing information is available at:
      If this is a hobbyist system, please see the information in the FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 1-APR-2003 )

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