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Increasing telnet sessions permitted? (take II)

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The Question is:

Dear Wizard
My site is now change client from VT term to PC,
Thus this every one will use IP to connect VMS machine ,Right  .We found that
 we can telnet  from PC to VMS machine only 60 session and then VMS machine
 will deny any telnet from any host .but we still can use ftp services. What  I
 have to tune my VMS mac
hine to reach 200+ telnet session.
Or where can I find documents about this thing.
Please help

The Answer is :

  Please see topic (2117) for information on controlling (and increasing)
  the number of telnet sessions available.  Also, please see the TCP/IP
  Services documentation for additional details.
  Also ensure that the system licenses permit this level of access.
  Ensure that your OpenVMS system has sufficient physical memory
  and processing available for this significant increase in load.
  Periodically invoke AUTOGEN (with FEEDBACK) as your load increases.
  For information on system performance analysis and tuning, please see
  the performance manual in the OpenVMS documentation set.
  Please ensure you are using TCP/IP Services V5.0A with ECO, or later.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-FEB-2001 )

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