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$GETJPI WSSIZE vs Working Set display?

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The Question is:

Why is Working Set value from $SHOW PROC/CONT different from
 F$GETJPI(xxx,"WSSIZE") for the same process?

The Answer is :

    This is a terminology issue. The F$GETJPI item WSSIZE is the working
    set size - or, more precisely, the working set CAPACITY - the maximum
    number of pages which could be contained in the current working set,
    without expansion.
    The field "Working Set" displayed by SHOW PROCESS/CONTINUOUS gives the
    actual number of pages currently contained in the working set.
    Typically this will be less than WSSIZE.
    You can derive the figure displayed SHOW PROCESS/CONTINUOUS as the sum
    of the F$GETJPI items PPGCNT and GPGCNT.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-FEB-2001 )

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