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What does unsupported really mean?

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The Question is:

What are the implications of putting an Alpha 4100 server w/a CIPCA into a
 cluster with an HSC50 on the same CI?  I know its not supported, but what does
 that mean?  Is is because this has not been tested, that there are problems on
 the bus, or that the 4
100 cannot 'see' the hsc - if the latter, that's ok.
We only need the hsc to get access to a 9-track tape drive.

The Answer is :

  Unsupported simply means that an administrative decision to not support
  a particular configuration has been made.  This decision can be based
  solely on business issues, on problems that were identified during
  testing, on incomplete testing, or on combinations of these and other
  factors.  In general, more specific statements are not normally made.
  In this particular case, at least some testing and some evaluation of
  the configuration was performed, and at least some revision configurations
  involving HSC50 storage controllers and CIPCA CI controllers were found
  You will want to consider a SCSI-based tape directly connected to the
  AlphaServer 4100 series, or the use of a more recent storage controller
  such as an HSJ-series storage controller.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-FEB-2001 )

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