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Finding queues spooled to disk? (DISMOUNT)

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The Question is:

We have a shadow set, dsa2: that we cannot dism/nounl due to "a device is
 spooled to the volume".  We checked all devices on the system and found one
 printer spooled to dsa2 - we deleted the que and de-spooled the device (which
 brought the reference count
 down from 4 to 3) yet still get the same message.  Where else can we check?  I
 assume sda> has the answer but I didn't know where to look.

The Answer is :

  Assume you have a problem dismounting disk DSA2:
    $ dism/nounload DSA2:
    %DISM-W-CANNOTDMT, DSA2: cannot be dismounted
    %DISM-W-SPOOLEDEV, 1 device spooled to volume
  Use SDA to find the disk DSA2: UCB in the AMB address field of the
  spooled terminal/printer device, to find out which terminal/printer
  device is spooled to that disk.
    $ ANAL/SYS
    SDA> SHO DEV DSA2	! get the UCB address for the disk
    ...							UCB address: 8xxxxxxx
    SDA> SET OUT x.x
    SDA> SHO DEVICE	! show all devices to output file
    $ SEARCH x.x "AMB address",8xxxxxxx /MATCH=AND/WINDOW=(10,0)
    LTA9999                                        Unknown          UCB: 80FA0700
    ^^^^^^^ this is the spooled device
    Device status:   00000010 online
    Characteristics: 0C040047 rec,ccl,trm,spl,avl,idv,odv
                     00000200 nnm         ^^^ = device is spooled
    Owner UIC [000001,000004]   Operation count          0   ORB address 80DE2D80
          PID        00000000   Error count              0   DDB address 80F28800
    Class/Type          42/00   Reference count          0   DDT address 82B701A0
    Def. buf. size         80   BOFF              00000000   CRB address 80F28880
    DEVDEPEND        180012A0   Byte count        00000000   AMB address 80E06A80
    				           spooled to disk with THAT UCB ^^^^^^^^
  This will show you the device(s), which have been spooled to DSA2:

answer written or last revised on ( 12-MAR-2001 )

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