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Apache and CSWS on OpenVMS VAX?

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The Question is:

The supported APACHE/CSWS Kits run only on Alphasystems, though I
have been told, that the APACHE Source Kit should build on VAX.
I have tried this, but the DESCRIP.MMS file is ather complex and fails
to run clean. Are any hints or helps available in VMS engineering on how to
build APACHE in VAX?

The Answer is :

  The Apache web server is open source, meaning that most everyone is
  able to examine and to modify the code as required, software licensing
  agreement(s) permitting.
  The Compaq Secure Web Server is a supported webserver based on the
  Apache web server.
  In general, all major new OpenVMS work is targeting OpenVMS Alpha.
  (The specific OpenVMS VAX development target of application stability
  means that the options around performing any user- or privileged-mode
  changes are rather limited.)
  In the specific case of the Compaq Secure Web Server (CSWS) and the
  OpenVMS Engineering port of Apache, OpenVMS Engineering is specifically
  targeting OpenVMS Alpha due to the availability of Java and related
  support -- please see the OpenVMS FAQ for details on why various
  components are specifically targeting OpenVMS Alpha and are not
  targeting OpenVMS VAX.
  The APACHE/CSWS engineering team does attempt to provide a codebase
  that can be built on OpenVMS VAX, but the team does not attempt to
  build the code -- it may or may not work without modification.  If
  you encounter problems with the provided DESCRIP.MMS, review the
  sequence of DCL commands in the OpenVMS Alpha build script
  BUILD_ALPHA.COM -- this is a DCL command file that is generated by
  MMS for building Apache on OpenVMS Alpha.  You could attempt to build
  on OpenVMS VAX by modifying this command file, rather than by modifying
  DESCRIP.MMS.  For additional details, see BUILD_README.TXT.)
  You may/will also want to check with the Apache team.  (The folks
  that are coordinating work on Apache itself.)

answer written or last revised on ( 12-MAR-2001 )

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