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DECwindows (Motif, CDE) Multi-headed configurati

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The Question is:

I using a 3 headed AXP900 workstation with Openvms 7.2.1 and decwindows 1.2.5.
 My problem is I can get the 3 monitors to work but the mouse pointer is stuck
 on the first video display.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard is not familiar with an "AXP900" system, and will
  assume that this is a DEC 3000 model 900 series TURBOchannel system,
  or an AlphaStation XP900 series (AlphaStation DS10) workstation.
  Please contact the Customer Support Center, as details of the system
  configuration including the specific system model and the specific
  graphics controllers in use will be required.
  You will want to be using a consistent set of controllers -- you will
  want to have all graphics controllers of the same model.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would tend to recommend using the DECwindows Motif
  interface when operating multiple-head configurations, as DECwindows
  CDE does not currently have full support for multi-headed operations.
  Steps to set up multi-headed system operations under DECwindows:
      Set up the template per the directions in the comments.
      Do NOT force the choice of the primary display via the symbol
      A multi-headed configuration is detected by default and -- when
      present -- is the default configuration.  (No setup edits are
      specifically required to select multi-headed operation...)
    o Set DECW$DEFAULT_KEYBOARD_MAP to your keyboard -- this is often
      one of the following:
        US_LK401AA (LK401, LK461, LK46W), or
                Traditional OpenVMS keyboard...
        US_LK443AA_PC or _LK (PC keyboard
                PC keyboard, using the PC or the LK key definitions...
      See DECW$KEYMAP: for the available keymaps.
    o If using the DECwindows CDE display, read or copy over the text
      file CDE$SYSTEM_DEFAULTS:[man]DTWMRC.4, this describes how to
      Set up the default root menu in DTWMRC.DAT to include various
      application controls -- most everything that can be performed
      via the CDE control panel can be done via DTWMRC.DAT, too.
      If DECwindows Motif, the equivilent file is SYS$LOGIN:DECW$MWM_RC.DAT.
    o Once all the above procedures are in place, re-run the startup
      procedure "@SYS$STARTUP:DECW$STARTUP RESTART", and re-login.
  Miscellaneous DECwindows details:
      Remember that <ALT><TAB> can be used to cycle through the
      available application windows.
      To select DECwindows Motif over CDE as the default display
      during login, please see topics (2846), (3209) and (1139).
      To customize the menu that appears when the alternate mouse
      button (MB3) is pressed over the background, please see the
      file DECW$MWM_RC.DAT.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-MAR-2001 )

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