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Printing Product Documentation?

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The Question is:

I have a question in regard to printing a manual (TCP/IP) services for vms via
 BNU. This manual comes in only HTML format, How is it possible to print out
 the whole book at once without loading each and every section into netscape
 and printing them out?
Thanks for your time,
- Mike

The Answer is :

  The TCP/IP Services product documentation is available in hardcopy,
  as is most other Compaq OpenVMS product documentation.  For the part
  numbers, please see the associated Software Product Description (SPD).
  For details of the OpenVMS documentation set itself, please see the
  Overview of OpenVMS Documentation manual (part of the OpenVMS docset).
  The CDMENU utility -- provided with the CD-ROM media -- provides a
  menu interface that helps you perform the following tasks easily:
    Display a master index of all products
    Display new and updated products
    Fetch or copy release notes
    Display and print installation guides and other documentation
    Install products
  For details on the CDMENU utility, please see the Software Product
  Library CD-ROM User's Guide.
  BNU and Bookreader target printing specific components of the
  documentation set.  Because of differences introduced during the
  formatting and display conversions, the printed version of the
  on-line documentation may not be (will not be?) as readable nor as
  cleanly formatted as the available hardcopy documentation.
  Documentation is regularly copyrighted material, and the reprinting,
  reproduction, replication, or release can be subject to agreement(s).

answer written or last revised on ( 13-FEB-2001 )

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