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AlphaStation 250 LED Diagnostic Codes?

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The Question is:

I have a somewhat dead AlphaStation that overheated when the powersupply quit
 over the weekend.
The p/s seems to be ok ( output-wise ).  I'm getting no beeps or display.  I
 tried reseating all the ram incase extreme heat expanded something.  As you
 can see I"m reaching here...
I really would like to get a description of the LED codes on this machine.
Model# PB46A-AA
Make: AlphaStation 250 4/266
I'm hitting the FAQ now.

The Answer is :

  When asking these questions, PLEASE PROVIDE THE SPECIFIC ERROR CODE(s)
  Please contact Compaq Assisted Services for details of this platform,
  and for assistance in maintaining it.
  The LED diagnostic codes for AlphaStation 250 series:
        Bit 7 of the code is to the left, bit 0 to the right.
	Two hexadecimal digits.
	DROM code entered				(DF)
	PCI Bridge core logic errors cleared.		(DE)
	Memory test passed.				(DD)
	FlashROM ID test passed.			(DC)
	NVRAM test passed.				(DB)
	SCSI controller (53C810) test passed.		(DA)
	System I/O (82378) test passed.			(D9)
	TOY (3287) test passed.				(D8)
	Keyboard controller (8242) test passed.		(D7)
	Super I/O (87332) test passed.			(D6)
	Interrupts test passed.				(D5)
	Floppy loader called.				(D4)
	Jumping to floppy code.				(D3)
	Flash loader called.				(D2)
	Jumping to flash code.				(D1)
	DROM console running.				(D0)
	Floppy loader failed				(E2)
	Flash loader failed				(E1)
	Machine check occurred.				(20)
  The beep diagnostic codes for AlphaStation 250 series:
	1-1-4   The SROM code could not be read from the DROM or flashROM
		header, or there was a checksum failure.
	1-2-4   The SROM code detected a hard failure (for example, a
		Bcache failure).
	1-2-1   The DROM code detected a realtime clock (BQ3287) failure,
		or the realtime clock interrupt did not occur.
	1-3-3   The SROM could not find 2 MB of good memory, or no memory
		is present.
	3-2-4   The DROM code detected a keyboard/mouse controller failure.
	3-2-1   The DROM code was unable to read the header of the flashROM,
		or the flashROM checksum failed.  Therefore the DROM code
		attempted to boot from the floppy diskette.  The attempt
		failed due to either:
		1. No floppy in the drive.
		2. The Alpha AXP boot block is missing from the floppy.
	3-2-3   The DROM code was directed by the position of J5 to load
		the floppy, but there is no floppy in the drive.
	3-3-1   The DROM code detected a hard failure during testing.
		The LEDs display the failure code.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-FEB-2001 )

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