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Adapter pinouts? (DB25)

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The Question is:

I've been searching the Compaq wizard and FAQs for this information, but I have
 yet to find it, and i'm running out of time. I need a diagram of Pin-outs for
 a MMJ to DB25 connection for a printer. All the wizard answers say see FAQ,
 but I have searched t
hem and find DB9 but not DB25. I have a printer that was moved nearly two weeks
 ago and has been down since because I can't find the proper pin-outs.  Thank

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard strongly recommands you simply acquire the adapters.
  To expedite the decision of the proper adapter (or the pinout for a
  home-wired adapter), access to a serial-line break-out box is a necessity.
  If you wish to pursue your present course of wiring the adapter, please see
  the OpenVMS FAQ.  Section WIRES2.   The URL referenced there includes wiring
  pinouts for various MMJ to DB25 adapters, including for the H8571-C, H8571-F,
  H8575-A, H8575-D, and H8575-E series adapters that will likely be the ones of
  interest here.
  If the particular printer uses an unusual or a non-standard pinout, you will
  need to check the printer documentation.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-FEB-2001 )

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