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Relocating LPD Print Spool Directory?

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The Question is:

I am running in a clustered environment with two Alpha 8200s, Dick and Jane.  I
 have about 20 LPD printers hanging off of the cluster.  Each of these printers
 are listed in ucx$printcap.dat with a sd (spool directory)listed as
 sys$specific:[ucx_lpd] and t
hen the queuename for their individual directories, where sys$specific is
 DUA0:[SYS1...] for Dick and DUA0:[SYS0...] for Jane.
My DUA0 drive is beginning to run *very* low on space, so I want to move all my
 LPD printers off of DUA0 and on to my DUA7 drive which has much more space.
My quesions are:  Can I move the printers from the system disk DUA0 to another
If the printers can be moved, do I have to create one set of directories for
 Dick and one set of directories for Jane on DUA7 like exists now on DUA0, or
 can both Dick and Jane work from a single, common directory containing a
 single ucx$printcap.dat file
 for all the printers, and a single set of subdirectories for each printer?

The Answer is :

  Yes, you can move these directories to another disk.
  Shut down the service(s), reset the authorization database and
  printcap entries, create the new directories with security access
  matching the existing directories, and restart the service(s).
  Also see the TCPIP$LPD_SPOOL logical name.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would encourage an upgrade to a V5 release
  of TCP/IP Services.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-FEB-2001 )

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