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RMS-F-FUL, device full (insufficient space)?

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The Question is:

I'm getting an error on the system stating %RMS-F-FUL (insufficient space for
 allocation).  Is there a way of fixing this problem?  Thank you.

The Answer is :

  The more obvious reason for an RMS-F-FUL error is that the target
  device is actually simply full.  To be more exact, the target device
  has insufficient free clusters to meet the extention size needs for
  a file.
  Use the commands:
    SHOW DEVICE ddcu:
  (where ddcu: is the disk device on which the file resides) to
  investigate this.
  DELETE or PURGE unneeded files, or move to a larger disk.
  Another and less obvious reason could be lack of contiguous disk space
  for a contiguous extent request.  A lesser-known example of this is
  the expansion of a directory file.  Creating a new file may cause a
  directory to grow, which will require a contiguous free space large
  than current directory size.  If this storage is not available, a
  non-obvious disk full error may occur.
  To Investigate this use the DFO (defrag) tool in (free) report mode,
  or use the DFU (freeware) tool.
  The deletion of older files may help here depending on the amount
  of contiguous free storage freed, or a disk defragmentation pass
  (via DFO, or a BACKUP save and restoration).
  Migrating to a larger disk is likely also advisable.
 FUL,  device full (insufficient space for allocation)
  Facility:     RMS, OpenVMS Record Management Services
  Explanation:  A $CREATE, $EXTEND, or $PUT operation for a file failed
                because there is not enough space on the volume or there is
                not enough contiguous space (in the case of a request for
                contiguous space).
  User Action:  Delete or purge as many files as possible to provide usable
                space on the volume, or request the system operator to do so.
                If the volume is private and files cannot be deleted, obtain a
                new volume.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-FEB-2001 )

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