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PATHWORKS 32, PowerTerm, and Kermit?

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The Question is:

Using Pathworks 32 V7.1 to Kermit a file from the Alpha.
I am trying to kermit a file from the Alpha.  I have done this with the
 previous version we have but I cannot kermit a file with Pathworks 32 V7.1.
 We are using Lat to connect to the Alpha.
On the Alpha kermit is ready to serve.  I go to Communication, Receive File,
 click on kermit tab.  There is no where to specify which file I want from the
 Alpha only where I want to the file on my PC.

The Answer is :

    Please update/upgrade to PATHWORKS 32 V7.2, released in June, 2000.
    With PowerTerm 525 V5.4.2, included in PATHWORKS 32 V7.2, you should
    	Communications -> Receive File -> Kermit
    On the Kermit screen, there is a box for "File Name" and a check
    box "Use Get" which will allow you to enter a "Host File Name".

answer written or last revised on ( 21-FEB-2001 )

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