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UDP Protocol quota settings?

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The Question is:

Dear Wizard,
I'm using UCX 4.2 and I noticed this thing:
in the UCX documentation it is stated that the maximum value for the default
 UDP buffer quota is 128Kb, but I found I can set a larger value (i.e. 4000000)
 from the command line (UCX SET PROTOCOL UDP /QUOTA=REC=4000000) and it is
 accepted and used by the
system. My question is:
what's wrong, the documentation or UCX?
Thank you

The Answer is :

  OpenVMS V7.2 does not and can not support TCP/IP Services V4.2.
  Please move to a version of TCP/IP Services supported with this
  OpenVMS release, specifically V5.0A (with ECO) or V5.1, or later.
  Please also check the documentation for the current release of
  TCP/IP Services -- the OpenVMS Wizard finds a listing for UDP,
  but no maximum size is specified in the documentation.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-FEB-2001 )

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