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DEC 3000 workstation auto-bootstrap?

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The Question is:

I have an old Flamingo (DEC 3000/500) Alpha-box with a graphics head, which I
 don't use.  The Flamingo console firmware has an annoying shortcoming for
 operating the machine as a "server" ... it demands that a keyboard and mouse
 be connected, or it fails
power-on diagnostics and won't boot directly into VMS at power-on time,
 regardless of the AUTO-BOOT setting.
I've seen an article stating that if I simply connect a keyboard and mouse the
 POST won't fail and the power-on AUTO_BOOT will occur as desired.  I have an
 old LK201 which I've attached to the keyboard port, and I have an old Digital
 8-pin mouse, which I'
m ready to connect to the back of the Flamingo, but it appears that it requires
 some sort of 15-pin D-connector !?!?!?
What is the part number for this?  Is there an adapter to go to the 8-pin DIN
 connector (or a more-standard 6-pin DIN connector)?
Or ... better ... is there a console setting which will tell it to ignore the
 missing keyboard/mouse and proceed to AUTO_BOOT?  I've tried >>> SET CONSOLE
 SERIAL and it's not a valid command on the Flamingo console.
Thanks in advance ... Mage

The Answer is :

  The DEC 3000 model 500 series Flamingo workstation requires an adapter
  cable for the keyboard and mouse, and for the video connection.  This
  cable is common to many other VAX and Alpha systems, and is part number
  BC13M-10 (17-02640-02).  On various DEC 3000 model 500 configurations,
  a modular jack connection for the keyboard is available on the front
  panel of the system, and connecting an LK401-compatible keyboard via
  this jack can permit a direct system reboot.
  To switch between serial and graphics consoles, the DEC 3000 model 500
  system uses the S3 switch, as described in the FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-MAR-2001 )

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