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TCP/IP Services and FTP logfiles?

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The Question is:

On a VAX4000VLC with VMS 5.5 & UCX 3.1, we are doing FTP-calls from a PC to the
 VAX, transfering files to the PC. Somewere there must be a log-file created
 that eats up the HD-Space on the VAX, but I don't know how to stop the
 log-file from being created,
 or the name of it.

The Answer is :

  UCX V3.1 is positively archaic, please upgrade it to something close to
  this century!
  That said, you can find the log files for FTP with
Service: FTP
                           State:     Enabled
Port:               21     Protocol:  TCP             Address:
Inactivity:          0     User_name: UCX$FTP         Process:  UCX$FTPD
Limit:              10     Active:      1             Peak:       1
Flags:        None
Socket Opts:  Rcheck Scheck
 Receive:            0     Send:               0
Log Opts:     Acpt Actv Dactv Conn Error Exit Logi Logo Mdfy Rjct TimO Addr
 Reject msg:  not defined
 Accept host:
 Accept netw:
  In addition to the log file for the service, there will probably also be
  a log file called UCX$FTPD.LOG in the same directory. The
  UCX$FTPD_STARTUP.LOG file can be supressed with the UCX SET SERVICE
  command (see HELP). The UCX$FTPD.LOG file could be supressed by creating
  UCX$FTPD.LOG;32767 the the FTP home directory. However, since log files can
  be especially useful in diagnosing problems and auditing, the Wizard would
  recommend regular housekeeping to recover disk space by archiving and
  purging old log files (for ALL activities that generate them), rather than
  blocking the creation of log files.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-FEB-2001 )

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