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Tape label validation errors?

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The Question is:

How does a 4GB tape get initialized for a TLZ07 tape device?
I am able to dump database over 2GB to the tape, but getting label validation
 error when trying to load the database from tape using a TLZ07.

The Answer is :

  A TLZ07 is initiallized much like any other tape device -- for details
  on this, please see the Guide to OpenVMS File Applications manual.
  You must ensure that only the correct length DDS tape (or shorter) is
  used with any DDS (DAT) drive.  You can not and should not use DDS tape
  media longer than the DDS drive supports.
  Most DDS media is rated for 2000 head passes at most, and the beginning
  of a DDS tape cartridge will usually see a number of head passes made
  by the tape during most typical tape operations -- MOUNT, INIT, and
  BACKUP can each make several passes near the beginning of the tape.
  Without details of how you are dumping the database to tape, a specific
  answer is not feasible.  BACKUP would be the prefered approach.
  You can examine the contents of the tape using the OpenVMS DUMP command.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-FEB-2001 )

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