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Multiple subnets and IP routing?

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The Question is:

UCX v5.0A
I have two subnets.
Subnet 1: x.x.248.0
Subnet 2: x.x.8.0
Alpha is @ x.x.248.112.
Remote host is at x.x.8.64.
From the Alpha I can ping all local hosts but not anything in the remote subnet.
I can also NOT ping the Alpha from the remote host.
BUT, if I ass a static arp entry on the host (an arp antry for the ALPHA)
 everything now works fine.
The Alpha used to work fine with UCX 4.x
Now with UCX 5.0A it does not work.

The Answer is :

  It would appear there is a problem with your gateway setting, with
  your DNS, or with whatever widget is routing traffic between the
  two subnets.
  Please ensure that you are at TCP/IP Services V5.0A with ECO1 or
  later as available, or upgrade to V5.1 or later as available.

answer written or last revised on ( 26-FEB-2001 )

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