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PATHWORKS Macintosh, Raw Data in Files?

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The Question is:

I am helping a customer move their applications from an old Vax 4000 to an
 Alpha 4100 running VMS 7.2.
Currently they use Pathworks to provide some disk sharing space between the
 PC's Network, the MAC network and the vax.
I have installed the lataest version of Advanced Server (Pathworks) on the
 Alpha machine and have succesfully set up the PC sharing directories. However,
 I can find no documentation about setting up Macintosh shares.
My question is simply, does Advanced Server support Macintosh shared
 directories ? If so can you point me towards some documentation that will aid
 me in setting these up?.
If it doesn't support Mac, then I will probably have to use NFS however I have
 encountered problems with a control Z character being embedded within the Mac
 files that they wish to transfer to the Alpha, and the Alpha takes it as end
 of file when it clear
ly isn't. Any ideas ?
Dave Hunt

The Answer is :

  A control-Z can exist in a data file, and OpenVMS cares not.
  A control-Z on interactive input is assumed to be an EOF (End Of File).
  The PATHWORKS Macintosh product was discontinued quite some time ago.
  At least one third-party product is available for Macintosh systems
  which permits that platform to access to LAN Manager shares, including
  those shares that are exported by PATHWORKS and Advanced Server.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-MAR-2001 )

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