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Configuring modem?

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The Question is:

I have a new Alpha DS10 with 2 serial ports, OpenVMS v7.2-1.  I have a printer
 on COM2(tta0:) and a USR 56K modem on COM1(ttb0:).  My problem is with the
 modem.  The modem is attached with a standard off the shelf modem cable.  I
 have read virtually every
 modem article that you have and feel as though I have made the proper
 configurations on both the modem and VMS side.  When I dial into the server,
 the modem answers, but I do not get to VMS.  No input is accepted.  Do these
 ports have modem control?  If
they do, what can I try.  My normal configuration for a modem would be to hang
 it off of a terminal server, unfortunately this config does not have one.

The Answer is :

  As has been mentioned before, please acquire a serial line break-out
  box -- access to this diagnostic tool is invaluable when resolving
  wiring- and pinout-related problems.
  Also check the setting of the com1_modem and com2_modem console
  environment variables.
  COM1 on the AlphaServer DS10 can also be configured for use by the
  RMC (Remote Management Console), please check the system documentation
  for details on RMC configuration and use.

answer written or last revised on ( 1-MAR-2001 )

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