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Network errors? (LAT, virtual terminals)

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The Question is:

We use VMS 5.5.2 on a Vax 4500.  We switched from dumb terminals to PCs last
 year, using LAT to connect.  We believe that PC users sometimes lose their LAT
 connection.  How can we, on our Vax 4500, monitor or log abnormal terminations
 of LAT connections?
 Also, reviewing past Ask the Wizard LAT answers, I noticed an answer involving
 virtual terminals.  Do virtual terminals protect a user's processes from
 terminating if they lose their LAT connection?  If we can implement virtual
 terminals with VMS 5.5.2,
which manual do I reference?  Thank-you!

The Answer is :

  You will want to read the documentation available on the use of
  and the configuration of the virtual terminal support in OpenVMS.
  All process termination information can be logged via accounting
  (or auditing), though sorting out the connections that suffered
  disconnections (whether due to host software, client software,
  network hardware or software, or LAT protocol problems) will be
  an involved process.
  You can potentially mask this problem with the LAT retransmission
  limit value.  The default value of 8 can be too low for networks
  with bridges or other higher-latency connections.  You can
  consider increasing the value (on both ends of the connection)
  to a value as high as 120.  (Setting the value too high will slow
  the detection of a failed connection, however.)  For example, use
  the following LATCP command to raise the LAT retransmission limit
  to the value of 120:

answer written or last revised on ( 16-APR-2001 )

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