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BACKUP and Phase I (DUS0:) volume shadowing?

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The Question is:

I running a mixed-interconnect cluster (i bleive that is the correct term)
 consisting of 5 ci nodes and 5 Vaxstation/Microvax systems. The system disk
 shadow set duso:(dua0,dua4 in our case) consists of 2 ra-72 drives in a sa600
 storage array in seperate
drive blocks. I am trying to find the correct method to accomplish a standalone
 backup of the system disk if by some act of god both disk die. The standalone
 backup is not well supported when dealing with shadow sets according to the
 shadow set manual. On
e of the CI nodes has a TK70 tape drive attached to that would the
 boot/destination drive for the standalone backup kit and backup tapes.

The Answer is :

  DUS0: indicates you are using the old first-generation Phase I
  host-based volume shadowing, and your OpenVMS version is out of
  date.  You will want to move to Phase II (DSA0:) shadowing, and
  (if possible) you will want to upgrade to a more recent version
  of OpenVMS VAX.
  To BACKUP a Phase I volume shadowset, shut down all cluster nodes
  that bootstrapped from the target disk and dismount the target disk
  from any other cluster member nodes that have it mounted, bootstrap
  a system from the standalone BACKUP media, and BACKUP the primary
  (physical) member of the Phase I volume shadowset.
  You will want to save and restore from the primary member of this
  Phase I shadowset, this is the physical disk that is named in R3 of
  the bootstrap files as the "primary member".
  The procedure used here is effectively the same as that of upgrading
  OpenVMS in this environment.
  Once you reboot OpenVMS VAX and reform the shadowset, the contents
  of the primary member will be copied to the secondary.
  Details on using standalone BACKUP are included in the OpenVMS
  documentation set.

answer written or last revised on ( 1-MAR-2001 )

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