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Recovering from Disk Failure?

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The Question is:

We got a system-f-parity error on accessing a file on a harddisk as a result of
 a bad block according to ana/disk. The question is how can we salvage the data
 of all the other blocks of the file? Attempts to copy or backup the file fails
 with the same err
or. For this particular case it would have been ok if copy had copied anyway
 and written a block of zero's for any bad blocks encountered. Also, we were
 looking for a way to add the bad block to badblk.sys without having to
 reinitialize the disk. Is there
 such a way? Ana/media appears to support this. But the online help indicates
 that it does not update badblk.sys. And badblocks should be specified in LBNs
 and not VBNs. How do we convert from one to the other?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard would encourage an immediate review of your disk
  BACKUP procedures, and an immediate BACKUP of the contents of this
  particular (potentially failing) disk.
  Please contact the Compaq customer support center or your hardware
  support organization for assistance retrieving your data from this
  (failing) device.
  You may/will need to replace this disk device, unless this failure
  is an isolated one.
  Writing to a bad block will trigger a bad block revectoring operation,
  assuming that this disk device supports revectoring.  Details on bad
  block handling are in topic (6926).
  Topics specific to unintential initialization or the overwriting of
  disk and tape media include (1286) and (6990).
  For errors resulting from file structure, directory structure, or
  file structure corruptions, please see topics such as (1213), (4088),
  (4571), (5071), (5553), (5719), (6021), (6234).
  If you want to overwrite the data on the media, related topics include
  (841), (3926), (4286), (4598), and (7320).

answer written or last revised on ( 24-JUN-2002 )

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