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Determining source of network connection?

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The Question is:

Our users, running on PCs using Exceed, remotely access VMS XWindows
 applications on our Alpha GS140 Servers.  Every time they log
on they have to manually Set Display back to
their PC's IP address.  I'd like to set it
up so that the user's login.com automatically
Sets the Display.
Interactively, I'm able to see the IP address
as Remote Port Info using Show Term.  It is also available using Show Process
 or Show User/Full.  However, I can't seem to find a lexical that will allow
 the PC's IP address to be retrieved when login.com executes.
The only solution I've thought of is to have the login.com send the output of
 Show Term to a file and then have login.com read the PC's IP
address from the file.  Is there an easier way to retrieve the PC's IP address?

The Answer is :

  Useful resources:
    o The SYS$REM* logical names
    o The f$getdvi itemcode TT_ACCPORNAM
  Due to a known problem with TCP/IP Services V5.0 in the area
  of the SYS$REM* logical names, use of the current ECO or of
  TCP/IP Services V5.1 (or later) is recommended.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-MAR-2001 )

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